Participants are encouraged to consider their health when choosing to sleep outside.

What if we go into another lockdown?

Sleep Out WILL happen in whatever way it can. We have an event for every outcome.

What happens if the weather is bad?

There will be portaloos and a marquee but changing areas will be limited! If it rains or you’d rather sleep inside,
you can do so in the marquee! There will also be a designated quiet area.

How will you keep live event Covid secure?

See above.

How much do I need to fundraise?

There is no set target – for some, fundraising £100 will be a challenge and others £500 would be a better
challenge. We ask you do your best and if you need help, get in touch with our team!

Why are you doing the sleep out on a week day?

Many people young and old have to sleep out and somehow manage to still go to work in the morning and do
their jobs. We felt it was right to do the same.

I have signed up to do the event virtually but now want to come to the event 

Please get in contact with the team. 

Here’s how we are keeping you safe:


This event is covid-secure. We know ventilation is key in lowering the risk of spreading covid, and as the purpose of Sleep Out is to challenge yourself to be outside – so – this means that critically, ventilation is as good as it can be! I In fact, it is possible for you to come along to Sleep Out and spend the whole event outside. This year we’re really focused on providing entertainment outside, and we will have food and bar outside. There is plenty of space outside in the Amphitheatre – we have run Sleep Out here before so we are really confident of the space. It a pre-booked event, so we are clear on the numbers of attendees who will be coming.


We’ve followed government and local council guidance to keep you safe.


Vaccinations and Testing: We’ll be asking to see the NHS Pass for all double vaccinated participants. If you’re not double vaccinated, we ask that you take a lateral flow test. Please bring a photo of this when you register at the live event.

It goes without saying…if you have Covid-19 symptoms please join in from home! 


Checking In to Test and Trace: We will ask all participants to check in using the QR code 


Face masks: Face masks can be worn in the marquee, and outside if you wish. They are optional. Our staff will all be wearing a facemask, as this is our working safe guidance when we are ‘moving around’. You might choose to wear a mask in the marquee, or the queue for the toilets, or queue for the outside bar for instance. It’s your choice.


Social distancing: We encourage all participants to socially distance – especially separate groups of friends or colleagues. We do expect there will be groups of people who come together such as friends, or in the same household, and may not be socially distancing. We won’t have anyone marshalling social distancing, but, we will have a one-way system for getting into the marquee, going to the toilets, and using the bar. We ask you all to give some space to others who are queuing. As we say – there is plenty of space to go around.

If you feel uncomfortable, come and speak to someone in high-vis. We can help direct the one-way system, and encourage others to socially distance themselves in the queue.


Cleaning and hygiene: We will have volunteers on board doing regular cleaning, and we will provide extra waste disposal.


Ventilation: As we say, you have the option to stay out of the marquee all night. We will ensure that entertainers go outside as well as having a bar and food options outside. This means that if someone feels uncomfortable with going into the marquee then they don’t have to.

Due to the risk of rain, we will be having speeches and the performance in the marquee, so anyone who wants to say outside all evening might miss this (though the marquee walls are thin!). We will leave doors open in the marquee to allow an air stream through.


Good Communication: We know that communication is key to keeping you safe. We hope this information is useful. If you do have any questions or queries leading up to the event, or on the night, then please email us or speak to a staff member wearing a high-viz jacket.


Consider your health: This event is a challenge – especially depending on the weather. Do consider whether you are fit and healthy to come to the event. Remember you can always join in from home, or you can come to the evening part of the event and head home to sleep!