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1) Follow this link.

2) Select 'Register now', in the top right hand corner.

3) Enter your details (you can also make/ join a team here).

4) Follow the on screen instructions. 

5) Start Fundraising! 

Fundraising on Enthuse 

How to make the most out of your fundraising 

Be confident!

You are fundraising for a good cause & everyone’s donations are used wisely! Ask your friends & family. Reaching a goal with the help of those around you makes it much easier to achieve.
You can do lots of different event fundraisers for the same goal. Run a virtual race? Sure! Host a dinner party? Do it! Organize a bake sale? Please invite us!

Create a target
Making a target not only ensures that you are keeping motivated to keep fundraising but also means that you can keep the momentum going for the people who are donating to you.

A photo really does say 1000 words. Use photos that connect people to what you are doing. Packing your bag up for the night? Take a photo and share it. Even better? Film a video talking about why you are fundraising for us.

Keep your supporters updated
Let your supporters know what you are up to. Perhaps write a blog about why you are doing Sleep Out and how close you are to your target. Platforms such as Enthuse give you the opportunity for you to add updates to your fundraising page.

Don’t forget to share your Sleep Out! Post it on social media, your local newspaper or even put it in your email signature!  Why not post about it on your local community Facebook page. The more people see it the more
people will donate.

Where your fundraising goes...

As a charity we rely on the support we receive from our amazing supporters like yourself especially after the shortage of fundraising opportunities over the last year and a half. Your fundraising means we can continue to deliver expert support to young people by:

  • Providing secure homes.

  • Teaching life-skills.

  • Offering advice.

  • Helping them access training and careers.

  • Providing general support.

  • Helping young people build healthy relationships and aspire to live happily and independently.

We encourage you to fundraise as much as you can, with last year’s attendees raising between £200- £2,000.

How much am I expected to raise?

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