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Virtual Sleep Out

Taking part in Sleep Out virtually. 

You can get creative with where you commit to Sleep Out, for example:

  • Tent

  • Backseat of your car

  • Hammock under the stars

  • In the bath

  • Under the table

  • In the office (Get your colleagues involved, see below) 

  • As a break in a cycling challenge

  • Sleep upside down

  • On a climbing wall (if you are safe to do so!)

  • In a tree house

  • Swap beds with the dog for the night

  • Tied into a chair with only toilet breaks allowed


There are so many places you could sleep on the night (as long as it co-insides with government guidelines). Remember, many young people using our services may not have a stable place to sleep, meaning they may be compelled to sleep on a friends sofa in a crowded house or the backseat of a car and then be expected to get up in the morning and go to work. This will be a challenge and we recognize that summer will be long gone my October so if you are planning on sleeping outside please ensure you are healthy enough to do so.